Monday, March 3, 2008

It's minus 21 - do you want a slurpee?

Just had a great chat with Tim Beech at Tim Hortons....Tim is a professor at Horizon College. Again, I am challenged to use my brain - to become intelligent - to think - to be relevant. The church is a wonderful place yet so many don't understand it or get hurt by it.
I am inspired to help the church become not only a part of this day and age - but to lead society.
I am inspired to do my best so the church can become a major influence!

When I walked back to the church from the Tim Hortons (5 min walk) - my face, ears and head were all hurting from the minus 21 weather. I was walking carefully on the parking lot which is covered in ice because I did not want to fall and break my nose again. Anyhow, when I was walking back alot of thoughts were going through my mind.

The greatest thought though - how thankful I am that someone from academia spent some time with me and had a great chat. Today was overwelming with duties that had to get done, but ended significantly with a relationship building encounter.

And no, I did not win anything (again) with the Roll up the Rim to win..maybe next time!


The Pedersons said...

There's nothing like a great conversation with a great person to brighten a day and put things into perspective, regardless of how busy things are.
I go to Tim's every day and have only won once. Press on, press on!!

Rev Ray said...

Man alivin' you are sounding more and more like Plato all the time!!

katelyn said...

remember those slurpee runs we used to make to the 7-11?! this kind of reminds me of it.. but only kind of... :D