Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The 10 to 5 Factor!

What a joy it is to take some time to reflect and celebrate!
TODAY we celebrate Jordan:

19 years ago today born at approx 10 min to 5
came 7 weeks early
many challenges in the beginning
but we prayed without ceasing
as the years progressed
Jordan made us laugh, cry and at times be angry
Great skill at throwing toys down the stairs
fun partner who would help me in the garden
passionate about hockey
played some basketball
eventually would love directing and acting
committed to Christ and the church
great big brother
stood up for his brother Chad at school one day
now learning about the responsibility of life
hope his life is blessed
trust our love will always grow deeper
Happy Birthday Jordan!

1 comment:

The Toews Gang said...

Remember when you fell asleep on the blue couch and your drool caused the dye in the couch to stain your face??