Saturday, July 26, 2008

Life is a Gift

I will discipline myself to keep this blog going daily (hmm...we'll see)

Lots of thoughts today;

thinking about my selfish needs
thinking about Ben and Noah who are both ill with ear infections and croop (what is going on?)
thinking about how I changed plans with the boys cause of the illnesses
thinking about how we spent a day inside when it was so nice outside (that was hard)

then heard the news of Randy Pausch passing away..his story is very inspirational
then read the blog of a friend of ours, Sergio, who was in a terrible accident about 3 weeks ago
We keep praying for Sergio for continued healing and strength

Every moment is a gift
I'm doing my best to live each moment to the fullest - challenging, but worth it


P.J. said...

SO glad to see you blogging!!!

Sounds like things are tough right now. Press on. Keep your chin up. Tell Noah I hope he feels better soon. My kids are sick this week, too. Wonder if it was anything to do with the camp weather??!!

Melissa said...

Hey Rob!

So sorry to hear that the boys aren't doing well - I hope that they get better real soon.

We miss you and love you guys! Praying for you guy and the boys too!

P.J. said...