Friday, February 29, 2008

The Love of Life vs. the Grind of Life

This is me attempting to climb up the Grouse Grind in North Vancouver.

At this point, I was already experiencing alot emotions:
exhaustion, begging for mercy, trapped, wanted to give up
Fortunately, the friends around me that day kept encouraging and feeding me all their snacks to keep me energized. It worked - I made it to the top of the mountain.
What a sense of accomplishment! What a sense of love and appreciation for my friends that day!

That's my life is all about: Love people so they can love God.
I live for Jesus and I stand by the principles found in the word of God.
I do my best to be real and authentic!
I do my best to love and encourage others!
I make the choice to love so life is less of a grind.

This is Sherilyn, my wife of 20 years.
She is amazing, fun, and beautiful.
I am thankful for her.
March 1 is her birthday.
So, we are gonna have fun and take her out for dinner.
She's gotta work at J & H tomorrow, so I hope her time there goes fast!
Sherilyn is amazing at loving people and if you know her you appreciate her sense of humor and love for life!

Our life, we believe, is to love people the best we can.
I hope you find this blog encouraging as I ramble on about our life experiences!


Melissa said...

Rob, what a great first post! It make us miss you all so much! It's great that your post talks about God's love in our lives because I just heard a sermon on that this week - so cool! I'm so excited that you have a blog!!!! I love the address too - so funny and so perfect! We love you and miss you all! Say Hi to the family from us! Love, Melissa and Mario

Melissa said...

Thanks for the comment too on my blog! I can hardly wait for you to come and sit on our couches!!! SO EXCITED!

Jordan Clark said...

oh father you are so insightful and wise. haha. I wish I could've been there to see you go up that mountain. Oh well. We can climb the pimple in sask together.